Chapter 330 Luke Arrives Just In Time!

After Sue saw that Bianca was done purchasing her gown, she said, "Now that our business is done here, we'd better go. There are several skunks here stinking up the air." She waved her hand in front of her nose as though there was really something in the air. Leia and Melissa's expressions turned unpleasant. Was that woman talking about them? "Hey, watch your mouth! Who are you calling a skunk?" Melissa was furious. Bianca held Sue's hand and answered coldly, "Whoever that replies." Melissa angrily kicked the thick-browed young woman's shin. "Go and beat up those two for me!" Yancy was loyal like a dog. She put down the shopping bags in her hands and started to pounce at Bianca and Sue. Before she could lay a finger on the two women, Sue stretched out her leg and tripped the woman! Then, she grabbed Yancy's body and easily performed an over-the-shoulder toss. The tall and bulky woman lay face-up on the ground and could not get up for a long time. "Is that all you have

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