Chapter 329 Slipped It Into Bianca’s Pocket

Leia wanted to retort, but at that time, Sue picked a purple evening gown and brought it to Bianca. "You're here to pick a gown and not a fight with crazy women, Bianca. Let's go and try this on…" Sue pushed Bianca to the dressing room. Then, she sat down and flipped through a magazine. The luxury brand fashion store had top-notch service. Not only were the furnishings extravagant, but the customers could also get a variety of hot drinks for free. Sue enjoyed her time there. Her experience would have been perfect if not for that materialistic sales clerk and that arrogant Leia Norman! Soon, the dressing room door opened, and Bianca stepped out. Sue gasped when she saw Bianca, who seemed like a different person when she was dressed in the gown. Bianca was a beautiful woman, but she was always dressed in plain clothes and no makeup. She was unremarkable, and she looked more like a college student than a working adult. Now that she was dressed in a luxurious evening gown, she

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