Chapter 340 Romance in the Snow

Wayne was very good at anti-reconnaissance. He pushed Leia's face toward his chest. No one could see the woman in his arms clearly. They would think that he was a playboy flirting with a woman. After all, it was a common occurrence in high-class hotels. That was how Wayne avoided detection by the hidden cameras. He went out of the hotel with the half-conscious Leia in his hands. After that, he flung her into a black luxury car and started to greedily tear her clothes. Leia's gown was already skimpy. It did not take him long to remove all her clothes. The man's brazen gaze devoured Leia, whose consciousness continued to slip away. 'Hmm, this woman has a fine face. I didn't expect that she also has an excellent figure that can bewitch any man!' His body flared with the fires of desire, and he pounced onto Leia like a moth drawn to a flame! 'Oh! 'My god! 'What a perfect woman!' Wayne loved that body dearly, but that made him want to ravage her more! Leia slowly r

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