Chapter 326 Let Me Be Your Shelter

"The outcome is within expectations. If Xavier doesn't proceed with the divorce, not only will his family go bankrupt, but he will be sent back to prison." Luke gently kissed the tip of Bianca's nose as he lay his gentle gaze on her. "Prison? Why would that be the case?" Bianca did not understand. She did not know that Luke had gathered a mountain of incriminating evidence of Xavier's crimes to force the divorce. Luke did not want her to know anyway. He felt that she would be happier that way. He would be the one to shelter her from trouble. The man's profound gaze seemed magical. It had made Bianca's heart thump faster uncontrollably. She instinctively covered her eyes. The man was a menace. Just by looking at her, he could make her heart go wild. Luke pulled away her hands that covered her eyes and leaned closer to her. "Why are you still shy, hmm?" The man's impeccable face was filled with a mysterious charm, which made Bianca's throat dry. Before she could react

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