Chapter 325 His Kiss Is So Gentle and Indulgent

Outside of the Civil Registry Office. Xavier looked intently at Bianca's pure and delicate face as though intending to imprint her face in his eyes. Her jet-black hair was tied up in a bun behind her, and her scarf was folded into a pretty shape by her dexterous hands. She did not wear any make-up on her face except for a thin coat of pink lipstick. She looked sweet and beautiful. Her eyes were sparkling with joy… What should he do? He did not want to let her go. "Bianca, I know that I've used unethical means to obtain our previous marriage. If I can change myself and try to pursue you again with a new personality, would you accept me then?" Xavier suddenly asked. "What?" Bianca was wholly immersed in her joy of being single again. She was not listening to what he was saying. Xavier's tall body cast a shadow on her face. "I said, would you consider it if we start over again?" He looked at her expectantly. He knew what Bianca was going to say, but his heart was never

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