Chapter 324 Finally Divorced; The Price for Flirting with Bianca!

The second couple in line looked young. They should be in their twenties. The man looked somewhat handsome, though his neon-green hair was extremely eye-catching. The thick gold chain that he wore around his neck was dazzlingly shiny, and his lanky legs were covered by a pair of hole-filled jeans. He stuck his hands into his jeans pockets, and he looked like a hooligan. The woman next to him had the face of an Internet celebrity. She wore a pair of cosmetic contact lenses that made her irises shockingly big. Her sharp chin had obviously undergone plastic surgery, and her face was slathered in thick make-up. She held a cigarette in between her fingers and casually took a drag from it, which seemed at odds with the rest of her personality. "Reason for divorce?" The female staff member frowned and said angrily to the woman, "Smoking is prohibited here. Please leave the building if you want to smoke!" "Why are you so nosy? Am I disturbing you by smoking? Enough nonsense and get t

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