Chapter 323 Bianca and Xavier at the Civil Registry Office, Divorce!

Monday, 10 am, in front of the Civil Registry Office. Bianca did not expect that Xavier gave her a call, telling her to wait at the entrance of the Civil Registry Office. He would proceed with the divorce. At first, she did not believe it. She thought that there would be a long and arduous legal battle before she could end that marriage. She did not expect that Xavier would change his mind that easily. Bianca knew that her workplace attendance was sporadic, and she knew that people would be talking behind her if she was absent from work again. However, she was anxious to be free from that marriage, and she braced herself before she requested another day of leave from the department lead. Then, she rushed to the Civil Registry Office. Standing at the crossroads, she anxiously glanced at the time on her phone. It was getting close to the appointed time. Was Xavier going to change his mind? Just when she was about to give Xavier a call, she saw him walking over toward the bu

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