Chapter 327 Hating Bianca Even More

"No, this isn't genuine. I bought a bootleg." Bianca took a few steps backward. She was not too fond of being so close to strangers. She did not expect that her scarf was a luxury brand. Luke had given her a scarf when she was cold. The woolen scarf was light and warm, and the material was gentle on the skin. Her neck was protected from the cold when she wore the scarf, and she had accepted it. If she had known that the scarf was so expensive, she would not have accepted it. Xavier's cousin pouted. "I thought so. Look, all your other clothes are so cheap, so how could you afford a genuine item? Hermes is the king in the kingdom of fashion. Even I, a frequent shopper in luxury fashion stores, could not even buy it, so how could you?" "Watch your words, Melissa!" Xavier's tone of voice instantly became stern. The short-haired woman sheepishly shut her mouth, though she mumbled, "Hmph, stupid cousin. How dare you bully me? I'll tell Uncle and Auntie when I get home later…" X

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