Chapter 315 What Is the Real Reason for Her Disapproval?

Old Mr. Norman wanted to build a new house over the old family house. Bianca had seen the other designs at the company. Some designs were modern mansions, some were classic manors, and some had Eastern influences with zen gardens… Old Mr. Norman had rejected every single one of those designs. Eventually, Old Mr. Norman got impatient and started calling the designers of T Corporation idiots. He was not happy that all the elite designers in a multinational corporation could not produce the design he wanted. The most troublesome thing was not that Old Mr. Norman was picky but that he did not explain what he desired. It was not easy to be a good designer. Not only would a good designer be creative and produce consistent quality work, but they also have to possess incredible aesthetic skills. Bianca had studied architectural design when she was in an overseas university. She knew all the basics, but her brain was still in a muddle. She did not know what Old Mr. Norman's desi

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