Chapter 314 Luke Has Announced Bianca’s Identity

Eventually, Leia managed to extricate herself from the mob. When she found Xavier in his room, he was drunk as a fiddler, which gave her a buzzing headache. 'Why is Xavier so useless? Not only he can't manage his marriage with Bianca, but he's here drinking his worries away!' Leia took her sunglasses off and angrily kicked Xavier, who was slumped in a pile. "Get up!" Xavier lifted his head from amid a pile of empty beer bottles. When he saw that Leia was in front of her, his unfocused gaze seemed to have cleared up a little. "Say, aren't you busy all day, you big movie star? Why do you have time to visit me?" He said impatiently. "Don't you know why I'm here? I thought you already have a marriage certificate with Bianca, so why would she appear in front of the media as the birth mother of Luke's twins?" Leia asked exasperatedly. Leia thought that the birth mother of the twins was only a tool for childbirth and was no one important to Luke. However, she did not expect that

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