Chapter 313 Luke Is Preparing the Wedding of the Century!

"Aunt Shakira, Mom says that my sister was stillborn, and that must be true. Just think about it. Would anyone lie to my Dad and Mom?" Leia said with a sorrowful face. Shakira thought about it and decided that it was the case. Back then, Jack might not be the influential politician he was now, but he was a rising star in the political world who had made a name for himself. No one would dare lie to him or steal his child. However, somehow Shakira felt uneasy about it. "Don't worry, Aunt Shakira, if my sister is still alive, I believe that I will eventually find her someday. My sister is my adopted mother's birth daughter, which means that she is my elder sister. I'll ask other people to look for her too," Leia said, which made Shakira feel comforted. "You're a good girl, Leia. Your mother is lucky to have adopted you, you're so kind and understanding…" Shakira felt emotional when she said that. She had always been satisfied with Leia's intelligence and maturity. "You're joki

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