Chapter 312 An Intense Silent Battle Between Two Men!

Xavier's words did not cause the slightest change to Luke's expression. Luke's grip on his teacup tightened a little. "You can always give it a try. I'd like to see if you've learned anything in your five-year stint in prison." Xavier's expression was extremely unpleasant. He knew that the evidence in the folder was enough to lock him away for a long time. He could not hide the burning anger in his eyes. "Do you think that you're innocent, Luke? T Corporation must have many illicit deals behind the scenes, right? Don't think that I don't know that you've manipulated the stock market and nearly caused an economic crisis in A City from which you've gained a lot. Do you think that you can deceive everyone? Should I guess how you'll end up if I manage to find any evidence of T Corporation's crimes?" Any company would be involved in under-the-table deals, especially a multinational company like T Corporation. There was no need to elaborate on what would happen to Luke if those

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