Chapter 316 Luke’s Guidance

"Stop this nonsense! I'm ashamed of you!" With no other choice, Luke grabbed his mother with both arms, stuffed her into the car, locked the doors, and quickly drove away! Bianca was still trembling after Allison was brought away. Her hands were tightly clenched into fists, and her fingers were ice-cold. Through the window, Bianca could see Allison knocking on the car window and trying to get out. Allison could shed her image of a socialite and act like a savage just so that she could break up Bianca and Luke. Bianca did not understand. She could not rest at ease if she could not get Allison's approval to be with Luke. She remained silent for a long time. The heater was on, but she could not feel any warmth at all! Divorcing with Xavier was the least of her worries now. Even if she could be free of that marriage, there were still multiple obstacles before she could be together with Luke… She sighed, rubbed her temples, and forced herself not to overthink. Sitting

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