Chapter 308 Singling Out Bianca

When Bianca went to work on Monday, she realized that her colleagues were looking at her in a variety of expressions, including sympathy, pity, disdain, and glee. Some people were whispering behind her back, but only Sue was the one who cared for her. Sue could not take it anymore. She pulled Bianca to a corner and asked her about the post on Xeddit. "Bianca, I've read the post, and I think that it's a false rumor. I know your character, and I don't think the woman in the post is you. Don't worry about it. You only have to focus on your work." Bianca was moved. She had a colleague who believed in her when everyone else was doubtful. She said that she was fine and asked Sue about Nina. "Nina was in low spirits. Her illness seemed to be quite serious, and she didn't talk much," Sue answered, not quite sure what was going on. Nina used to be a positive and energetic young woman. No matter how sick she was, she had never been so lifeless. Bianca felt guilty when she heard Sue

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