Chapter 309 Sending Shockwaves Across A City!

Soon, Bianca made a cup of coffee and served it to Louis. "This is the coffee that you requested, Vice President Crawford." She returned to her desk and continued working seriously. Louis took a few sips. Indeed, the coffee was fragrant and at the right temperature. It was different from how other people made it. Louis gestured a thumbs-up at Bianca and asked curiously, "Your skills are pretty good. Have you been a barista before?" His appreciation toward Bianca was genuine. Not only was she beautiful and amiable, but she could also make the most delicious cup of coffee. "For a while, yes," Bianca answered as her eyes were transfixed on the computer screen. That was when she went overseas after giving birth to two children. Back then, she had to work part-time at a cafe to make a living even though she was suffering from depression. Before she knew it, it had already been five years. Louis nodded and rubbed his chin as though thinking of something. "Do you know how to c

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