Chapter 307 Luke Is Ruthless When He’s Angry!

Late at night. Xavier called Pierre and asked him, "You've released Nina?" "My brother called to tell me to let her go, and I can't disobey him. Don't worry, I've already taken her nude photos. Just let me know if you need any help," Pierre said lazily. "Whatever. We'll talk later." Xavier hung up the call unhappily. Nina was an important pawn in his plan. He could use her to threaten Bianca. Now that he had lost a pawn, his power over Bianca decreased. Luke was closing in on his family business as though he wanted to raze Tanner Corporation to the ground. That had troubled him greatly. He had ended the call when his phone suddenly rang again. He frowned hard when he saw the call notification. It was from his father. There could be no good news. Xavier did not want to pick up the call, but the phone continued to ring. With no other choice, he braced himself and answered the call. "Hello, Dad…" "How many problems must you bring me, you scoundrel?" Daniel's angry voic

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