Chapter 306 In An Act of Impulse, She Kissed Him

Leia's mannerisms were elegant. Each of her movements exuded charm. "Long time no see, Aunt Allison." She said gingerly when she saw that Luke was also there. "You're here too, Mr. Crawford…" Luke nodded at her as a courtesy. Allison stood up and greeted her warmly. "Make yourself at home, Leia. You're not at work now, so why are you calling him Mr. Crawford? You can call him Luke." "That's not very appropriate, right?" Leia was talking to Allison, but her shy gaze drifted to Luke. Allison held Leia's slender hand and said excitedly, "It's just a name. I don't think he's so petty that he wouldn't want someone else to call him by his first name! I was wondering why haven't you come to visit me for more than a week, and now you're here." Luke subconsciously frowned. He did not know that Leia had become so close with his mother. Leia's impeccable face blushed when she heard Allison's words. "I'm here to deliver you a present, Aunt Allison. Do you remember the ruby tiara th

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