Chapter 305 Ruthless Annihilation!

Hilton Hotel. He knew from his sister Allison that his nephew Luke was in a business meeting at the hotel and rushed there instantly. He waited patiently until the meeting was over and instantly saw Luke in his business suit walking out of the hotel escorted by a group of elites. Every one of those people was outstanding, but Luke's dominating presence and impeccable face made him stand out from the crowd. "Luke," Daniel called out to him. Luke noticed his uncle and waved at the elites. The other people knew that it was their time to disperse. Only Luke and Daniel were left in the lobby. "Is there something, Uncle Daniel?" Luke asked, even though he knew why his uncle was there. "Can you tell me where I have offended you, Luke? Are you planning to ruin my company? What can I do to make you spare Tanner Corporation?" Daniel spoke humbly to Luke so that he could save his life's work. In only a few days, Daniel's elderly countenance became more haggard than ever. His c

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