Chapter 304 Who Knows What Luke Is Thinking?

Lanie got excited when he thought about that possibility. He might be a boy, but like Rainie, he loved sweet stuff. Mommy's lips looked really sweet, and Daddy seemed to be enjoying them. He wanted to taste if the candy in Mommy's mouth was delicious. Lanie was a smart boy, but he was too young to know what kissing was. The only explanation he could come up with was that Daddy was eating candy from Mommy's mouth. "I want to eat the candy in your mouth too, Mommy. What flavor is it?" Rainie also skipped next to Bianca and stared at her lips. "N… No, we're not eating candy." Bianca was embarrassed. She did not know how to explain it to her children. She glared at Luke, who responded with a helpless expression. When they were in the mood, they would not notice that their children were there! It was not the first time that the children had interrupted their intimate moments. It was a drag having to make sure that the children were not looking before they made out. That made

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