Chapter 303 Daddy, Why Are You Eating Mommy’s Mouth?

"…" Luke did not know how to answer those questions. Since when was there a pair of lace panties in his car? Luke wracked his mind, but he could not think of anything. Had was a clean freak, so no stray article of clothing should have appeared in his car. Moreover, not many women traveled in his car. He could only think of his mother, Bianca, and Rainie. Rainie was still a child, and she would not be wearing lace panties. Bianca could see that he was confused. "I found it under a car seat in the black Bentley when I was looking for Rainie's English textbook… it was a pair of black lace panties." Bianca stood up, went to the room, and retrieved the evidence. The existence of the black lace panties had always been a thorn on Bianca's side. If she did not ask him, she would always be suspicious of him. Luke remained confused. "Aren't those panties yours? Did you buy them and leave them in the car?" "Would I have asked you the question if the panties are mine?" Bianca a

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