Chapter 302 Queenie’s Birth Daughter Is Still Alive!

Leia was disguised in a thick woolen cap, a wide scarf, a mask, and a pair of sunglasses. No one could tell that the woman dressed up in bulky clothes was the slender and beautiful female celebrity on television. She went into a private room. A man in his thirties with high cheekbones was already waiting for her inside. He had a full beard on his face, and though he might seem hostile, one could tell that he was not a bad guy from the sparkle in his eyes. Leia sat down on a chair and asked, "Did you find anything? Are there any updates?" She had been extremely worried over the past few days. What if her adopted mother's birth daughter appeared out of nowhere and took over her position in the Norman family? The bearded man pushed a stack of documents in front of her. "We've found something. There are records from the hospital when your mother was giving birth, as well as the name lists and current statuses of the doctors and nurses that were working during the delivery. Your m

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