Chapter 293 Stepping On Luke’s Toes

The actual identity of the "cousin" was actually Luke Crawford? After the sensational news broke out, the comments were split into three camps. The first was Luke's devoted supporters, who defended Luke's reputation with hard-hitting points. A gentle, handsome man who regularly topped the list of wealthiest people could have gotten any woman he wanted. Why would he go after the wife of another man? The second was his detractors. Their common consensus was that no one knew how Luke behaved in private, despite his frank and candid public personality. Perhaps hidden under that gentlemanly guise was his true sadistic and incestuous self! The elite society was full of scandals like these. Not only affairs happened between cousins, but they even happened between father and child. They thought that the post was absolutely true. Those people generally had a negative outlook on life, and they believed that everyone else was as negative as them. The third was those who claimed to

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