Chapter 294 High-Profile Family Excursion!

For the first time in Luke's career, he skipped work after the emergency shareholder's meeting. He went to the kindergarten and picked up Lanie and Rainie, fulfilling the responsibilities of a father. Sitting in the car, Lanie asked him curiously, "It's not the weekend today, Daddy. Why do you have time to rest?" As far as the boy knew, his father was a workaholic who even worked on weekends sometimes. Lanie thought that it was abnormal for his father to be out of his office during office hours. "No more classes for the day, Big Bro! I'm so happy…" Rainie rested her cheeks on her hands and said excitedly. She was at the age where she would rather play outdoors than sit in the classroom. Through the rearview mirror, Luke looked at the two children sitting properly in the back seat and said, "I'll bring you two and Mommy to the theme park today. We'll go home and pick Mommy up." The two children opened their mouths in shock, as though they had heard something incredible.

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