Chapter 292 Shocking! Major Scandal!

Luke prepared a sumptuous breakfast for Bianca. He watched her finish the entire thing before going to work. After he left, the home was desolate. Bianca was feeling bored at home. She turned on her computer and saw that people were sharing a link. She clicked on a link. It was a forum post on Xeddit. Xeddit was one of the major international social sites. It was full of news articles, scoops, and rumors about society's elite. Luke Crawford's name was a popular topic on the website for the past few years. One could easily see how eager people were to know about his personal life. If one searched for "Luke Crawford" in the search bar, the results were countless. Bianca read several discussion threads about him. One was about why he remained single. Some people guessed that he was gay, some guessed that he was ugly and his photographs were all edited, and some guessed that he had a disease. The discussions made good points, which invited intense discussion from the neti

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