Chapter 291 Good Morning, Darling

Pierre laughed when he saw Nina's face. His seemingly serious face was tainted with degeneracy. "You look just as cute as before when you're angry. Why, are you not satisfied yet? Should I have pampered you more?" Nina glared at him as though he was her sworn enemy. She spat at him and started cursing him, as well as his parents, for giving birth to a piece of trash like him. Her words and actions once again angered Pierre. Earlier, when he received a call from his good friend Xavier, requesting him to keep Nina in captivity so that she could be used as a bargaining chip with Bianca, he agreed to it without hesitation. Too bad for Nina, Pierre had a grudge against her since they were young! The woman deserved to be taught a lesson for kicking him between the legs. He would have been crippled if not that he was lucky. She deserved all the torment when she was in his hands. Pierre stripped Nina of her clothes, teased her, and threatened her that he would let his lackeys have their

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