Chapter 290 Let’s Help Daddy Win Miss Bea’s Heart!

Crawford Manor. Lanie and Rainie sat on the soft couch in the living room, though they were not playing cheerfully as before. They were wearing frowns on their long faces. The children's childish faces looked like adults, which seemed quite comedic. Rainie looked at her brother unhappily and said, "Big Bro, our house is much bigger than Miss Bea's house, but I don't feel happy at all. I want to live together with Miss Bea…" Luke and Bianca had a peculiar relationship. Bianca had told the two children that they could call her "Mommy" in private. However, when they were not at her house, they had to call her "Miss Bea." The two children did not understand why they could not call their mother "Mommy" in front of other people, but they were obedient children and listened to their mother. Lanie sat on the couch. He took in a deep breath, then spread out his arms helplessly like a little adult. "I want to live with her too, but the main point is, Daddy is too silly. He still ha

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