Chapter 289 If You Can Be So Gentle and Obedient All the Time, Bianca...

Luke turned around. He wanted to step outside to smoke so that he could calm down. He was about to step out of the exit when a small but pale hand gently grabbed onto the hem of his shirt. He turned around and saw Bianca's tear-streaked face. "Please, Luke, don't go," she begged. She was crouching like an abandoned kitten, which softened Luke's heart at once. The smell of disinfectant almost made Bianca throw up, and the syringe in the nurse's hand made her extremely afraid. She carried too many painful memories in her mind, and they had caused her to be fearful even years later. Bianca's trembling fingers tightly held onto Luke's finger. She was afraid that he would abandon her in this nightmarish place. She fell into his arms. Luke had never seen her so fragile before. It was not uncommon for a child to be so afraid of needles. However, Bianca was an adult, and there must be something that he did not know that caused her phobia. 'I'll have to investigate this when I

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