Chapter 279 She Desired His Strong Embrace

Luke stepped out of the elevator and walked toward the extravagant suite. The retinal scanner identified Luke, and the custom-made intricate lock opened with a click. "Let me go, Luke…" Bianca's hoarse voice sounded seductive because of the drug's effects. She felt even worse than before, trying very hard to suppress the urge to pounce on him and forcing herself to remain sane. Luke's mouth leaned closer to Bianca's earlobe. His sinister smile grew wider. "Then you'll have to see if I'm willing to let you go." Luke carried Bianca's writhing body to a cavernous room. Countless small lights lit up automatically. They stretched from the wall up to the highest point of the dome. Soft silver light illuminated the room. What was most surprising was that the dome was made of glass. Through the thick glass panels, they could see the beautiful stars in the night sky. The moon was like a mirror, shining brightly in the night sky, adorned by innumerable stars of different sizes an

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