Chapter 280 He Wanted Their Bodies to Fuse Together

"Nggh… it hurts…" Bianca thought that she was going to be flayed by how forceful Luke's movements were. Her fair skin was turning pink. The man glared coldly at her. He wanted to remove all the traces of another man on her body! When Luke carried Bianca out of the bathtub, still choking on bathwater, her skin was like a cooked prawn. The man brought her in front of a floor-to-ceiling window. The suite was on the top floor of the hotel. Looking out of the window, Bianca could see the entire city. The city below was lustrous and dazzling, as though it was adorned by precious metals and gemstones. The scene looked like a dream. In front of the window was an exquisite recliner. Someone sitting there would be able to take in the view of the entire world outside the window. Bianca was vaguely aware of what he was doing. Her muddled brain seemed to have regained some consciousness, and she shook her head in shock. "Luke… no… not there…" Bianca was afraid that Luke would do

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