Chapter 278 Let Go of Me, Luke Crawford...

Luke walked toward the parking lot with Bianca in his arms. She lay there limply, wrapped up in Luke's windbreaker with only her head peeking out. Through the opening of the windbreaker, she could see Luke's divine facial features shrouded by an aura of hostility. It was colder than the piercing wind outside, and it made her teeth chatter. Bianca's face remained unnaturally red. She writhed uncomfortably in his arms. "Luke…" She sounded as though she was crying. She had pretended to be strong earlier, but the pretense was all but gone. Bianca did not know why she cried when she saw him, but she could not control her emotions. Her insides were burning, forming a stark contrast with the chilly weather outside. Luke's unpleasant expression made Bianca uneasy and aggrieved… He continued walking forward as he held her tightly, though he had never once lowered her head to look at her. Bianca could feel that his anger was mounting. They reached the car, and Jason carried her

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