Chapter 277 Bianca Was Unfamiliar WIth That Side of Luke’s Personality

Countless bruises dotted Bianca's arms. Flecks of dried blood crusted on the corners of her lips. The camera on the table was recording the scene on the bed… Luke's devastating anger was unstoppable! He kicked Xavier onto the floor and smashed the camera into bits! Xavier was dazed from the kick. Before he could retaliate, Luke picked him up from the floor and tossed him toward the wall like a piece of trash. His bones struck the wall. Judging from the sounds alone, it was incredibly painful! "How dare you touch her, Xavier?" Luke's hellish voice carried an obvious murderous intent. Jason and Bianca shuddered when they heard that. Bianca huddled her knees in a corner, forcing her tearful eyes to stay open. She was shivering from fright and from trying to fight the effects of the drug. Luke noticed Bianca's unnaturally red face. He knew that she had been drugged. Instead of bringing her away, he looked at her coldly. He was frustrated about the woman's silliness; she h

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