Chapter 276 Luke’s Destructive Fury!

Half an hour later, Bianca appeared in Room 6617 of Yale Hotel. When Xavier opened the door, he saw Bianca drenched to the bone. Her black hair was scattered, and she was as pale as a ghost. The expression on her face was utter despair. "I'm here. Can you let go of Nina now?" Xavier was stunned for a moment. He violently dragged Bianca into his embrace without a care for her freezing cold skin. His index fingers stroked her lips, and his eyes gazed piercingly at her. "Indeed, I was right. My wife is a loyal woman." Bianca's eyes flashed vengefully. "I'm here. Let Nina go!" "There's no rush." Xavier pinched her chin with his fingers, and his eyes took in Bianca's soaking-wet body. "I can't bear to see you cold and shivering. Be a good girl and go take a shower." Bianca walked to the bathroom like a doll without a soul, then obediently took a shower. She stepped out of the bathroom dressed only in a bathrobe. She repeated the same sentence. "Let Nina go." Wet long hair fe

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