Chapter 270 Will You Agree to Anything?

Bianca was trembling with rage. She tried her best to suppress her feelings and managed to calm herself down. "Don't involve other people in our matters, Xavier. Nina is innocent. I hope that you can let her go." Bianca forced herself to be calm, but she found that she could not be calm at all. Xavier stubbed out his cigarette and looked into her eyes. "That'll be easy, Bianca. I don't want the divorce." "Xavier Tanner, you despicable man!" Bianca wanted to tear him into a thousand pieces. "It's not like you don't know me. I'm willing to do anything as long as I achieve my ends!" Xavier was not embarrassed by Bianca's reproach. Instead, that piqued his interest. "The man in the video is Pierre Mallory, the Second Young Master of the Mallory family. You should have heard about the Mallory family, right? Pierre is a vicious one. He always repays his grudges no matter how small they may be. If you're lucky, you might survive after losing a hand or a foot. If you're not, you'll b

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