Chapter 271 Luke’s Extreme Possessiveness

Bianca was visibly surprised when she saw Walter sitting on the couch. Walter was dressed in a fitting business suit and wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his face. He looked diligent and capable like a societal elite. "Good morning, Ms. Rayne." He smiled and greeted Bianca. Rainie ran to Bianca's side when she saw her and twirled around happily. "Look, Mommy. Uncle Walter gave me this hairband. Doesn't it look nice?" Bianca's troubles were not relieved by the little girl's cheerful laughter. She picked up Rainie in her arms and squeezed a smile. "It looks nice. You're the nicest little girl in the whole world," she said. The little girl's laughter echoed in the living room. Rainie kissed Bianca on the cheek and said, "I love Mommy the most!" Lanie was sitting on the couch, channel surfing with the remote control in his hand. He rolled his eyes toward his sister's childish actions. 'How vain,' he thought. It was the first time Walter had seen the two children int

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