Chapter 269 Bianca Trembled With Fear!

The suspicion in Bianca's heart grew stronger as she neared the room… Her heart was beating faster and faster, though she forced herself to be calm. She knocked the door twice out of courtesy, and she heard a low and familiar male voice coming from inside. "Come in." She pushed open the door and smelled a strong scent of cigarettes which made her even more nervous. Looking around the room, she did not see Nina inside. Just when she was about to turn around and leave, a hand pulled her into the room from behind, and the door closed with a bang. Alarm bells rang in Bianca's heart when she saw Xavier! She did not know what was going on. "Did you send the message using Bianca's phone, Xavier? What do you want?" She asked angrily. Xavier cackled ominously. He gripped Bianca's chin and wanted to force a kiss on her. Bianca was not going to yield. She reflexively slapped him, but he caught her wrist in time. Xavier appreciated Bianca's body with his eyes. He kneaded her fair

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