Chapter 26 Supple

Jean narrowed his eyes wearily, appraising Bianca from head to toe. “When you were sixteen or seventeen, you were all soft and cuddly. But now you’re covered in thorns, defensive thorns that stuck out when you’re exposed for who you really are.” Bianca listened to Jean’s insults and remembered all of the ridiculous accusations he had hurled at her yesterday. His tone could be so very sharp when he was trying to hurt someone. It pierced thousands of holes into Bianca’s heart, leaving her bloody and bruised. She had completely given up now. “It’s almost time to work now,” Bianca said calmly as she walked past him. However, Jean grabbed her wrist, holding onto her tightly and forcibly pulling her back. His eyes red, he howled, “We haven’t cleared this up yet. How can we go to work?!” Just then, Nina ran out in a hurry. “What are you doing, Jean? Let Bea go!” Bianca was wearing her compulsory high heels to work. Her heels were very low, but that did not mean they were steady. Jean

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