Chapter 25 Cucked Countless Times

The older woman looked at Bianca, whose expression had not changed at all. She thought to herself with full contempt, ‘As expected of a homewrecker, she’s so cold-blooded and heartless! Her own sister has been insulted, but she doesn’t seem to care at all!” Daisy was really regretting it now. If she had known this would happen, she should have used that insult on the b*tch instead! The subway had barely passed the East Gate station when Daisy could not hold it in anymore. She looked at Bianca and said, “How could you be so heartless, girl?” Bianca looked at her. How was she being heartless? At the same time, she was very curious. What else could this old Daisy hag say with her wagging tongue and utter lack of scruples? Daisy glared at her. “When we boarded the subway, you tried to take my seat, didn’t you? Look at me! I’m already over fifty, so why are you trying to fight me for a seat? You’re so young, but you’re not good enough to earn enough money for a car, so you come to th

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