Chapter 27 Choose An Urn In Advance

Bianca returned to the design department. She had managed to throw Jean off downstairs, but she would still see Jean’s face at their workstations. Thankfully, they were seated far away from each other. Sue Carter watched Bianca take her seat and immediately checked her reflection in her mirror, sighing resentfully, “Both of us went outstation and stayed up all night, so why am I covered in black circles while you’re perfectly fine, Bianca?” “What brand do you use to remove your black circles, Bianca?” asked one of her female colleagues asked anxiously. Bianca raised her head and said a little awkwardly, “I never used one…” “Not at all?!” Her colleague was shocked. “Are you a fairy? How could you stay up all night without black circles?! Sooob… We should throw all of the all-nighters here at the department onto you…” Sue put her mirror aside and said teasingly, “Don’t you bully Bianca now. Her boyfriend Jean is right here protecting her!” Everyone felt another wave of envy at Bi

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