Chapter 255 Luke Is Wildly Aroused

Bianca could feel that a hole in her heart was being filled up with bliss. Luke was hugging her tightly. She could hear the strong rhythm of the man's heartbeat. It was beating in sync with hers. Luke's lips gently fell on hers. Bianca was already the mother of two children, but she seemed to retain her charming inexperience. Her body emanated a sweet fragrance, and that had greatly titillated Luke. "Mmh… Luke…" Bianca's body was going limp because of Luke's teasing. She came to her senses and pushed Luke away so that he did not go overboard. "You can't do it here. This is the living room… You must also be tired. Go and take a shower first." Bianca, Wanda, and the two children were staying the night in Kevin's house. Not only was the living room, which had been the venue for the funeral earlier, not suitable for vigorous exercise, but Aunt Wanda, who was sleeping in one of the rooms, might suddenly wake up… If Wanda caught them in the act, that would have been more than

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