Chapter 254 I’ll Shelter You From the Wind and the Rain

Jack placed his wine glass on the table when he heard Luke's words. His face was slightly red from the alcohol. "Don't worry, Luke. I'll get my men on the case. You'll receive the approval tomorrow. Remember, take good care of my daughter." The more Jack looked at Luke, the more satisfied he was. From their conversation, he could understand that Luke was a shrewd and assertive man and would be the perfect son-in-law. Jack had addressed him as "Mr. Crawford" earlier, but it was now "Luke." Everyone who heard that knew that Jack was trying to play matchmaker. Those people looked enviously at Luke. In a mere few sentences, Luke had won the rights to develop the seaside resort worth tens of billions of dollars. However, they knew that they were no match for Luke's handsome looks and sharp business acumen. Even though they might be envious, they knew that Luke deserved it. "Congratulations, Mr. Crawford! With this development project in your bag, T Corporation will be pushed

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