Chapter 256 Daddy, Why Are You Riding On Top of Mommy?

Upon hearing that childish voice, Luke almost immediately went limp. Lanie and Rainie had woken up some time ago. Their eyes were open wide, looking at Daddy and Mommy curiously. Luke hastily got off Bianca's body and covered themselves with a silk blanket. Bianca was thoroughly embarrassed. She wished that the earth would swallow her up at that instant. Luke was both frustrated and angry when the two children had interrupted their session. However, looking at their curious and doubtful faces, he could not release his anger on them. "Daddy, why were you riding on Mommy?" Rainie said while looking inquisitively at Bianca, who was going to cover her face with the blanket. Meanwhile, Lanie glared at Luke with his beautiful eyes. He noticed that his mother's face and eyes were red… Lanie pointed at Luke with a plump finger and shouted, "You're so heavy, Daddy, yet you're riding on Mommy. Are you bullying Mommy?" A stifled scream from Bianca had woken him up earlier. Whe

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