Chapter 249 The Happy Family Is An Eyesore

Luke let out a gentle sigh. Now that he had successfully cowed the two little ones, he had to take care of the big one. He failed as a father. He stood up helplessly, went to Bianca's side, and gently hugged her delicate body into his steel-like arms. He gently stroked her back and said, "Alright, it's all my fault. Don't be angry, OK? I'm afraid that they might grow up to be picky eaters, and that won't be good for their health. I won't be so harsh on them the next time." Seeing that he was apologizing earnestly, Bianca decided to let the matter rest. "You've made your promise that you won't ever do what you did today. They're children after all." Luke could breathe easier, seeing how Bianca became less angry. God knows how much he cared for her feelings. "…" Lanie and Rainie rested their cheeks on their hands. They could not believe what they saw. Daddy changed a lot ever since Mommy was here. They had nothing but admiration for Mommy for being able to tame the tyrant

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