Chapter 248 Look, Daddy Is Feeding Mommy!

Now that she was not living alone, Bianca prepared more food for breakfast. However, she had limited experience in preparing a meal for a family. She prepared many different items so that the children could eat what they wanted. On the big breakfast table were ham sandwiches and scrambled eggs. Next to them was French toast and fresh milk, and also oatmeal seasoned with vanilla and cinnamon. In the middle of the table was a grilled salmon steak. Luke was already dressed neatly in his business suit. He sat cross-legged on the chair, his casual posture giving him a natural air of nobility. His sculpted features were perfect yet distant. Bianca thoroughly appreciated the elegant way Luke ate his breakfast. Lanie and Rainie were well-trained to take their meals without speaking. They sat next to Bianca and operated clumsily with their utensils. When Bianca saw that, her motherly instincts were triggered, and she started to feed them. She picked up a slice of ham with a

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