Chapter 247 Luke Was Speechless

She felt a twinge in her nose and an indescribable feeling in her chest. No one had unconditionally treated her so well like Luke did. Bianca's long eyelashes fluttered. She picked up the limited edition black credit card. She had read about it in a finance magazine before. The morning sun shone through the wide floor-to-ceiling, into the kitchen, and onto Luke's sculpted, angular side profile. The man was unbelievably perfect! She was only a plain, unremarkable woman, but she was lucky enough to gain his love and pampering. "Thank you…" Bianca was starting to sob when she spoke. The man had given her warmth and companionship at her lowest point. Her father's passing had left her clueless and helpless. That was a huge blow. Fortunately, Luke was by her side. There were her children too. Lanie and Rainie were like angels. They were the proof of her relationship with him. She was unlucky, but at the same time, she was the luckiest woman. Fate had been kind to her. L

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