Chapter 250 Guardian Bianca Like An Angel

Xavier was Bianca's legal husband. He should have been in Luke's position, doing what Luke was doing. That was more than a joke! Xavier walked to Kevin's casket, his heart filled with indignation and grievances. "I'm sorry that you've never met me while you're still alive. I'm Xavier, your son-in-law. It's a pity that Bianca and I didn't hold a grand wedding ceremony before you left. Don't worry. I'll hold the biggest wedding ceremony that the world has ever seen. Bianca shall be my wife and only my wife. I swear that I'll take good care of your two grandchildren too." Xavier turned to look at Luke with an instigative gaze. As expected, the man's eyes flashed with hostility and curiosity. 'It's fine. He can have the upper hand for now.' Xavier felt a little better when he saw that Luke was angry but could not release it. However, fires of anger started burning once again in Xavier's heart when he saw Bianca, in her sorrow, being hugged and comforted by Luke. 'Bear with it.'

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