Chapter 231 I’ll Spill the Beans On Bianca!

When the two adults arrived at the apartment, Bianca went to the children's rooms to check on them. Lanie and Rainie were sleeping soundly, though the boy kicked away his blanket as usual. Bianca took the blanket on the floor and carefully tucked him in. The children's beds could not fit another adult. Bianca had no choice but to sleep together with Luke. When she lay on the bed and was about to fall asleep, Luke was still busy working in the study. Bianca had heard from Jason that Luke would usually lose track of time whenever he got busy. Sometimes, the boss would even neglect his health. With the development project going underway in the small town, he became busier. The boss had to handle stacks of work every day. Looking at how he exerted himself at work and on the bed, he was really neglecting his health… … The next morning. Marie's fever finally subsided. "Are you done yet, Mom?" Marie stood at the entrance anxiously with a handbag slung over her shoulder.

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