Chapter 230 Luke’s Tender Loving Care

Bianca had just ended the call with Nina. She hugged her legs close to her and tried to hug them under the oversized sweater. She did not want to meet his gaze and expose her weak point. However, she did not look any better by shying away. Their bodies might have bonded many times, but Bianca could never bring herself to look at him directly in the eye. Even when fully-clothed, his body aroused sinful thoughts in her mind… Those long and masculine legs alone carried deadly appeal. Luke lowered his head and looked at her with a gentle gaze. Seeing that she did not speak, he stroked her hair and asked her, "You don't feel like leaving? I didn't bring my pajamas. How about if we sleep here together. I haven't had enough earlier anyway." The man's lips pressed on her hair and slowly moved down to her brows. Then, his moist tongue extended toward her blushing cheeks… Bianca had to admit that she was still feeling the remnants of excitement from earlier. Now that he was kissing

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