Chapter 232 Things Don’t Look Too Good...

Kevin wanted to say something. He lifted a trembling finger and pointed it at Marie. Jennifer turned around to look. She saw that her daughter was glaring defiantly at Kevin with an unpleasant expression on her face. Kevin's mouth was slightly open, and he was gasping for air. However, there was no way an agitated late-stage lung cancer patient was going to catch their breath… "Stop talking, Marie. Get out of the room!" Jennifer rushed up, grabbed Marie's shoulders, and pushed her toward the door. While her back was facing Kevin, she winked at Marie and whispered into her ear. "Let Mom handle this. You'll get what you want." "You can't handle it!" Marie glared at her and shouted. She shoved her mother away once more. Marie felt that her mother was being nothing but a burden. She stepped up next to the bed again, towered over the pathetically frail Kevin, and grinned mockingly. "You've been staying in the hospital for a long time, Uncle Kevin. Perhaps you don't know many thing

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