Chapter 158 If The Children Were Happy, The Father Was Happy

After changing into her slippers, Bianca took Rainie back from the man's arms. "Have you eaten dinner? Are you hungry?" Bianca was like a new mother doting on her child, afraid that her child might have a grumbling stomach. "I've eaten dinner. I'm not hungry," Rainie said like a good girl. The child sounded like a baby still and Bianca could not help but smile. Luke went to the balcony, lit a cigarette, and turned his head. Through the glass doors, he saw the interaction between the mother and daughter in the living room. Rainie had one of her eyes bandaged while the other eye was opened. As she looked at Aunt Bea, the child's eyes seemed to be twinkling. It was obvious that the child was really happy. Luke watched them for a long while as his gaze grew deeper. In the living room. "Shall I... Give you a bath?" Bianca's lips lingered on Rainie's face as she took in the child’s baby smell, letting herself into the reality that Rainie was her own daughter. Rainie nodded. "Okay,

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