Chapter 159 Sharing The Same Bed with Luke!

After a long time, Marie felt as if she was going to die from the pain. It was just a casual hookup, but Xavier was as aggressive as someone who had taken Viagra. "No... It hurts... It hurts..." Marie regretted it and thought she was going to die there and then. "What’s wrong? Isn’t this what you want?” Xavier did not stop venting out on her. He thought the woman never meant what she said and deserved to be punished! Marie struggled weakly and shook her head. "I don't want it, I don't want it anymore..." No one was in the alley because the bar staff saw the boss going into the alley with a woman. They decided it was better not to bother him. In case the two of them were… Marie felt a hot pain on her body as if she was being torn apart. She collapsed onto the granite pavement in the alley and curled up in a ball. The banknotes on the ground were very eye-catching. The tears on her eyelashes dried up and her cheap makeup was smeared on her wet face. She pulled her broken nails

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